From Logo to Rebrand in 3 Questions. A True Success Story.

A true story about a rebrand:

The client calls. He wants a logo.

When they meet the strategist asks, “Why?” (Question No. 1)

The client answers, “To improve my company’s image.”

The strategist asks, ‘Why now?” (Question No. 2)

The client answers, “We are not getting invited to pitch the big opportunities and losing out to larger firms who have less experience than we have.”

The strategist asks, “What will a logo do to change that?” (Question No. 3)

The client replies, “Good question. What do you propose?”

The strategist responds, “We need to let your prospects and clients know why they should hire your company.”

The process revealed that over time the CEO had been staffing his company with former clients creating a client-facing team of experts who had literally held positions for which they were now consulting. A far cry from the large multinational consulting firms with whom they were competing and who hired employees with little or no experience straight out of prestigious colleges. We could genuinely position the company in a way that communicated their expertise. “Experience Brings Results” succinctly  announced their differentiating position and dozens of case studies clearly demonstrated and supported this.

Request: Logo
Brand strategy, positioning, key messaging document, tagline.
Design Partner:
Logo, stationery, brochures, pocket folder, website, power point templates, advertising.
Client Results: Client is asked to pitch a $300 million project and wins the work. Today, in addition to their CT headquarters, they have offices in AZ, PA and opening one in Australia.
Design Partner Results: A long term, mutually beneficial, competitively undisturbed client/agency relationship.


This is one example of how aligning strategy and design multiplies a creative services firm’s value, increases appreciation of client needs, and provides a competitive advantage.

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